Conversion Guidelines

As a general rule, i try to keep not only to the essence of the character, but to the details as well, as close as i possibly can. Since these characters are primarily meant to be NPCs, hero point count is not really an issue in the conversion. The stat conversions are based largely on several sources: old rpg versions of the characters from old rpg games, wikipedia, the company's official site, the original source materials (comics, movies, tv, etc).

  • I try to create the characters as complete as possible. This means that majority of my characters will be very point heavy. The idea is to make the characters so that anybody who uses them will have an idea and options of what the character can do, even if they are not very familiar with the character very well.
  • Based on my experience, the normal conversions of existing heroes almost tend to be weak compared to player made characters. These characters are supposed to be better than the average player, especially the top tier heroes. My conversions are to ensure that Captain America can't be beat that easily by a min-maxed PL 10 character.
  • There is a disparity between the power levels of DC heroes and Marvel heroes. The to tier superheroes normally in the Marvel comic books except for a few normally are in the 100 tonner or what they call class 100 heroes. In DC, those in the same class are way beyond that number. I will try to stick to that unless there is reason to think otherwise. This is why only a few Marvel heroes are actually in the same power class as the main heroes of DC, when it comes to powerhouses. I put heroes who are at Class 75 at rank 12 (100 tons) and those that can lift 100 tons optimally at 13. Those that can routinely lift 100 tons are at 14 and above. Those that are said to lift 100 tons and much more are 15 and up. If they are in this level or description, it is at this point that i have taken liberties with regards to their current strengths and power levels.
  • Using the Strength conversion as a baseline for damage output, i use this as an equivalent for other attacks like blasts and other offensive attacks. This is where the old FASERIP stats come in as a basis for what numbers are involved. Of course most of the old Marvel RPG conversions are kinda old so i have taken it upon myself to update them accordingly based on my own opinions using comic books and wikis as a guide. For example, Remarkable Damage would deal the same rough damage as Remarkable strength. Of course this may go up and down by 1 point if ever based on the finer descriptions of the power or character.
  • I used as a guide the old Marvel RPG that utilizes the FASERIP style system, combined with existing Wiki data and from official comic book descriptions like the Marvel Universe books. The same was done with DC conversions using both DC RPG systems that were created, wiki information and from the comic books. IN addition, i try to add from all the comic books i've read especially comparisons between those characters and comparisons of their powers and power levels.
  • The stats here are not final and are in constant updating. The more heroes i finish converting, the better the other characters get converted as there starts to be benchmarks for certain things. When i compare the characters and there will be a disparity that doesn't seem to make sense then i will update the needed characters.
  • Since Luck advantage, gives u hero points, I decided to use the advantage luck as a determinant of the characters "Experience" & Popularity as a super hero. For example, Steve Rogers and Wolverine would have their max Luck for their PL level, while X-23 and Captain America (Bucky) would only have half what those 2 heroes would have. These also determine if they are top tier heroes or lower. The reason for this is that even more powerful characters can lose to weaker characters if they have enough hero points. This is so when playing and this is so in the comic books as well.