Fighting Benchmark

These are the Fighting Skill Benchmarks. Take note that these rankings are based from several sources and the estimates of who was better is based on them. I used the official DC Universe ranking as the baseline. From there, i put the baseline level based on the old FASERIP Marvel stats. These were official but were very broad. I decided to extrapolate further from these based on comparisons and other descriptors from comic books and wikis that exist.

For DC, the accepted best martial artists were Lady Shiva and Richard Dragon. In Justice League, it was mentioned Karate Kid had a higher ranking than Batman though he responded that Superman was mistaken in this assumption. Many times it has been mentioned that Batman is not the best martial artists around, its just that he is the smartest of them that's why he always wins against them most of the time.

For Marvel, Shang-chi is considered the best martial artist in the world, though Captain America, Black Panther, and Iron Fist should be close behind. The only one probably his equal would be Taskmaster because he supposedly possesses the exact skill level of those he copies.

M&M Rank DCRPG/DCU Old Marvel Hero Samples
25 - - cell-content
24 - - cell-content
23 - - -
22 - - Lady Shiva (Unarmed), Shang-chi (Unarmed), Richard Dragon (Unarmed), Karate Kid (Unarmed)
21 - /17 - Connor Hawke (Unarmed)
20 - - Batman (Unarmed), Captain America (Unarmed), Taskmaster (Unarmed)
19 - - Black Panther (Unarmed), Karnak (Unarmed)
18 - - Iron Fist (Unarmed)
17 - - cell-content
16 - Unearthly Black Canary (Unarmed), Black Knight (Sword), Ares, Thor, Hercules, Wolverine (Claws), Elektra (Unarmed, Sai, Katana)
15 - Monstrous Nightwing (Unarmed), Hyperion
14 10/15 Amazing Batman, Wonder Woman, Nightwing (Eskrima Sticks), Catwoman (Bullwhip), Prometheus (Unarmed), Black Panther, Karnak, Taskmaster, Shang-Chi, Daredevil (Unarmed), Black Widow (Unarmed)
13 -/14 Amazing Robin (Unarmed), Black Adam (Unarmed), Catwoman (Unarmed), Cheetah (Claws), Gorilla Grodd (Unarmed), Vandal Savage (Sword & Unarmed)
12 - Incredible Martian Manhunter (Unarmed), Robin (Bo Staff), Beast, Black Widow, Elektra, Iron Fist, Mantis, Wolverine, Daredevil
11 - Incredible Aquaman, Black Canary, Captain Marvel (Unarmed), Superman (Unarmed),
10 - Remarkable Flash (Unarmed), Nightwing, Black Adam, Black Knight,, Moondragon, Super Skrull
9 - Remarkable Prometheus, Falcon
8 - Remarkable Green Arrow (Unarmed), Green Lanter (Unarmed), Martian Manhunter, Robin, Superman, Catwoman, Cheetah, Elite Soldier (Unarmed)
7 - Excellent -
6 -/3 Excellent Captain Marvel, SWAT Officer (Unarmed), Elite Soldier
5 - Excellent Green Lantern, Soldier
4 - Good Flash, Green Arrow, SWAT Officer, Moonstone
3 - Good Government Agent, Police Officer
2 - Good -
1 - Typical cell-content
0 - Typical cell-content

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