HAMMER Helicarrier

Control: Gd
Speed: Ex
Body: Ex

Known Powers:
Armor: The Heli-Carrier was armored to provide In protection against physical attacks and Rm protection against Energy attacks.

Weapons: The Heli-Carrier had a variety of weapons systems. Characteristics of major systems are given below:
-Radar-guided 30-mm and 70-mm Electric Cannon: The highly sophisticated radar-automated firing systems on the cannon gave them Am Agility. The 40mm cannon did In damage, while the 70mm cannon did Am damage. Both had ranges of 10 Areas.
-Box Missile Launcher: The Box Missile Launcher fired up to 8 air-to-air missiles at once. Each missile was self-guiding with the following statistics:
Body: Ex
Control: Rm
Speed: In
Damage: In
The damage given is for a standard high explosive warhead.
-Cruise Missile: A Cruise Missile would have the following statistics:
Body: Rm
Control: Am
Speed: Rm
Damage: Mn
The damage is for a non-nuclear warhead.
-Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile: An IRBM would have these stats:
Body: In
Control: In
Speed: Mn
Damage: Un
The damage is for a non-nuclear warhead.
Particle Projector: Mn Energy Blast at a 25-Area range.