It's Beyond 9000! Part Three


M&M Super-Strength Ranks Rank Details Marvel SH RPG Hero and Villain Equivalents
86 Ranks 800,000 Tons Class 9500 Death, Eternity, Galactus, Rune King Thor, Chaos War Hercules, Celestials, GDS Darkseid, Yuga Khan, Sodam Yat (With Ring, as Ion), Lord Shazam, Sun Dipped Superman
80 Ranks 400,000 Tons Class 9000 Odin, Zeus, Vishnu, Gaea, Doomsday, Worldbreaker Hulk, Phoenix Force, Onslaught, Amazon Berserker Wonder Woman, Godwave Ares (DC), Godwave Darkseid (Pre-Crisis), Mister Majestic, Orion, Infinity Man, Kryptonian (Herald), Ion, Parallax, Tyrant, Lord Marvel, Godhood Black Adam (W. the Power of Isis)
76 Ranks 200,000 Tons Class 8000 Superman, Captain Marvel (Shazam), Black Adam, Icon, Sentry/Void, World War Hulk, Odin Force Thor, Blue Marvel, Hyperion, Apollo, Maxima, Lobo, Highfather, Athena (Godhead), Darkseid (Normal), Mongul
72 Ranks 100,000 Tons Class 7000 Wonder Woman, Giant Monsters, Hell-lords, Primordial Titans & Gods/Jotunheim Giants, Morg the Executioner (With PC & WoL), Cyborg Superman, Thanos, "Black" Mary Marvel (W. Black Adam's Powers), Ronan (With UW & IS)
68 Ranks 50,000 Tons Class 6000 Aquaman (Water), The Great and Powerful Turtle (TK), Ares (DC, God of War & Death), Darkseid (Post Crisis), Martian Manhunter, Kalibak (Pre-Crisis) Hercules (Olympus/Unleashed), Captain Atom (New 52), Silver Surfer (Uni-Power), Mindless Hulk (Baseline), Magneto (TK-Metal), Silver Age/Future Superboy
64 Ranks 25,000 Tons Class 5000 Solomon Grundy, Power Girl, Atlas, Neptune (Ocean), Pluto (Hades), Jean Grey (TK), The Destroyer (Herald of Galactus), Savage Hulk (Baseline), Warrior Madness Thor, Champion of the Universe
60 Ranks 12,000 Tons Class 4000 Aqualad (Water), Isis, Hercules (Earthbound), Ares (Marvel, W. Gauntlets of Ares), Hippolyta (DC, W. Golden Girdle), Neptune (Olympus), Pluto (Olympus), Gilgamesh, Lesser Titans/Jotunheim Giants (Olympian/Norse), Gladiator, Kilowog/Arkillo (With Rings), Cosmic Hulk (Robot), Rachel Summers (TK), The Eradicator
56 Ranks 6400 Tons Class 3000 Kalibak (Post Crisis), Apocalypse, Giganta (Full Size), Mary Marvel, Thor (Asgard), Ares (Marvel, Olympus/DC God of War), Neptune (Surface/Earth), Pluto (Surface/Earth), Maul (Max.), Guy Gardner/John Stewart (With Rings)
52 Ranks 3200 Tons Class 2000 Miss Martian, Superboy, Supergirl, Metallo, Donna Troy, Neila, Big Barda, Binary, Hippolyta (Marvel, W. Gauntlets of Ares), The Destroyer (No/non-Meta Host)1, Hephaestus, Ronan (With Universal Weapon), Hal Jordan/Sinestro (With Rings), Alan Scott (Starheart)
48 Ranks 1600 Tons Class 10002 Avg. Major Gods (Apollo/Athena/Artemis/Heimdal/Tyr/Balder the Brave, etc.), Wonder Girl, Luthor Battlesuit, Red Hulk, The General, Shaggy Man, Nova (Richard Rider), Monster, Drax the Destroyer (Original), Morg the Executioner, Fallen One, The Thing (Unleashed), Maestro, Kyle Rayner (With Ring)
44 Ranks 800 Tons Shift Z (351) Thor (Earthbound)3, Wonder Man, Juggernaut, Beta Ray Bill (+1CS W. Stormbreaker), Captain Atom, Elasti-Woman (Max.), Prof. Hulk, Jade (Starheart or Ring), Silver Surfer
40 Ranks 400 Tons Shift Y (176) Sub-Mariner (Water), Iron Man, Count Nefaria, Abomination, She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, Thor Girl, Stardust (Herald), Praeter, Simon Baz (With Ring), Red Tornado, CM3, Blaze/Satanus (Earthbound), Avg. Giant
36 Ranks 200 Tons Shift X (127) Brainiac, Captain Britain, Griffin, Hulk (Baseline), A-Bomb, Colossus, Titania, Siege, Kilowog/Arkillo (Without Rings), Frankie Raye, Invisible Boy, Tamara Devoux (Captain Universe), Captain Nazi, Ibac
32 Ranks 100 Tons4 Unearthly (96) Ares (Marvel, Earthbound), Ms. Marvel, Ironclad, Ronan the Accuser, Tiger Shark, Rhino, Rockslide, Doc Samson, Sub-Mariner (Surface), Groot, Molly Hayes, Golden Boy, Avg. Green Lantern (With Ring)/Herald/Nova Corps Member
28 Ranks 90 Tons Wondrous (87) Avg. Minor God (Loki, Hermes, Pan, Valkyrie, Warriors Three, etc.), Annihilus, Attuma, Wrecker, Sabra, Blastaar, Deathlok (Collins), Harlem Hammer, Vision, Blue Devil, Gabriel the Air-Walker, Ikaris, Average Ogre
24 Ranks 80 Tons Monstrous (77) Aquaman (Surface), The Thing (Normal), Ursa Major, Grey Hulk (Baseline), Enchantress (Marvel or DC), Namora (Water), Detroit Steel, S.T.R.I.P.E., Drax the Destroyer (Reborn), Steel (John Henry Irons), Deathlocket, Average Troll (Giant-Kin)/Dinosaur/Large Monster
20 Ranks 65 Tons Spectacular (65) Aqualad (Surface), Rogue, Namorita (Water), Moonchild, Blob, Stargirl, Iron Fist, Sunspot/Smasher (Baseline), Gamora
16 Ranks 50 Tons Fantastic (56) Black Manta, Kang, Adam Warlock, Bane (With Venom), Namora (Surface), Glory/Illyria, Carnage, Vixen, Aquagirl, Wrecking Crew (Amplified), Jessica Jones, Deathlok (Manning), Booster Gold, Avg. Archangel
12 Ranks 25 Tons Amazing (46) Cheetah, Killer Croc, Anaconda, Spider-Woman, Namorita (Surface), Venom, The Lizard, Scorpion, Luke Cage, Cyborg, Buffy/Faith (Max.), Ancient Vampires, Avg. Fourth Worlder/Eternal/Asgardian/Olympian
8 Ranks 10 Tons5 Incredible (36) Spider-Man, Tigra, US Agent, Wrecking Crew (Original), Ghost Rider, Count Dracula, Green Goblin, Man-Ape, Hardware, Hawk, Dr. Octopus, Buffy/Faith (Baseline), Avg. Amazon/Atlantean/Demi-God
4 Ranks 6000 lbs. (3 Tons) Remarkable (26) Gorilla Grodd, Paladin, Toad, Black Bolt, Doctor Doom, Bane (Without Venom), Kraven, Deathstroke, Beast, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Sabertooth, Dove, Blade, Clayface, Hannibal King, Morbius, Werewolf by Night, Angel/Spike, Vampire Slayers (Baseline), Average Demons/Angels, Extreme Peak Human
0 Ranks* 1000 lbs. (1/2 Ton) Excellent (16) Captain America, Batman, Avg. Vampire/Werewolf/Half-Demon/Zombie, Vandal Savage, Hellstorm, Wolverine, Wildcat (Ted Grant), Peak Human (Several Times World Champion, Once-in-a-Generation Strength Athlete Level)
0 Ranks 500 lbs. Good (08) Nightwing, Green Arrow, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Deadpool, Black Widow, Strength Athlete Level
0 Ranks 300 lbs. Typical (05) Black Canary, Robin, Speedy, Huntress, Special Forces, Human Intense Exercise/Professional Athlete Level
0 Ranks 200 lbs. Poor (03) Police Officer, Soldier, Human Regular Exercise/ Amateur Athlete Level
0 Ranks 100 lbs. Feeble (01) Average Human6

* On a Red FEAT roll (DC 25-30ish), 1 Rank of Super-Strength enables Metas to press/carry an additional 1500 lbs (3/4 of a Ton)+ their normal body weight, 2 Ranks enables Metas to press/carry an additional 1750 lbs (7/8 of a Ton) + their normal body weight, and 3 Ranks enables Metas to press/carry an additional 2000 lbs or 1 Ton + their natural body weight. Damage bonus for Ranks 1-3 equal to 1/100 of their normal body weight in lbs, rounded up + power rank number.

Obviously this tweaks the old Marvel FASERIP system quite a bit. The original system extended only up to Class 1000, 3000, and 5000 with anything above that just listed as Beyond. There were no maximum lifting values for Ranks past Shift Z and barely any guidance on what kind of damage to inanimate objects could be done at the highest Strength levels, which is very limited considering the wide variety of super strong individuals portrayed in comic books. The newer Marvel ranking system with its apparent Class 100 for 100 tons cap also seems extremely inadequate when you think about the other-worldly feats Superman or Thor have been show to be capable of. So I decided to extend the original levels (with a little shout out to DBZ) all the way up to Class 9000 and beyond.

Many of the weight intensities have been changed slightly for the sake of balance or simplicity. Most notably, the weight limit of Remarkable (26) Strength has been increased to 3 tons from 1 ton, which it was in the Marvel core rule books, as it just seems like a more logical progression given the benefits granted by even low levels of Super-Strength under this system. Jumping from being able to press 1 ton to 10 tons in a single Column Shift or Class Shift (CS for short) at such a relatively low Ability Rank always felt like too big of a leap to me anyway.

These benchmarks are not meant to be absolutes as character Strength often changes wildly depending on who is writing the story or running a RPG campaign. For instance; Bane or Black Manta might seem too strong to you but keep in mind that they could always get upgrades to their super serum or body armor or whatever gives them their Powers in the first place.

For Mutants and Mastermind characters converting to Marvel it might be advisable to simply combine their Strength score's Marvel equivalent Rank Number to any Ranks they have in Super-Strength. Thus a character with 16 Strength (Remarkable 26), and 4 Ranks of Super-Strength would have a total Strength Ability Rank of Amazing (52) when converted to Marvel. For this purpose the M&M Super-Strength Ranks 1-3 would each add 6 to the Marvel Ability Rank score. So the above M&M character with a 16 Strength (Remarkable 26) with two Ranks of Super-Strength would have a total Strength Ability Rank of Incredible (38) when converted.

If you don't like the idea of "dead" Ranks between the Column Shifts then you could divide the difference between a Rank's Damage Bonus and Press or Lift/Carry limit and the next Higher Rank's Damage Bonus and Lift/Carry limit by the difference in the number of Ranks between the two to arrive at the Damage Bonus and Lift/Carry numbers for each "dead" Rank. Numbers would always be rounded down in this calculation.

For Example: There are 4 Super-Strength Ranks required to make the jump between Unearthly (96) and Shift X (127). The Lift/Carry difference would be 100 Tons (200 Tons-100 Tons) and the Damage Bonus difference would be 31 (127-96). 100/4=25 and 31/4=7 (rounded down). So the numbers for 33 Ranks of Super-Strength would be a Lift/Carry limit of 125 Tons with a Damage Bonus of 103, while 34 Ranks of Super-Strength would equal a Lift/Carry capacity of 150 Tons and a Damage Bonus of 110.

To push your campaign into the Beyond range, where the laws of physics can start to break down and such things as shoving planets around or even destroying whole worlds are possible, consider this table as one option:

Beyond X1 Weight: Megatons+ Damage: 10,000 Feats: Lift Mountains, Throw Skyscrapers, Toss Boulders into Orbit
Beyond X2 Weight: Gigatons - Trillion Tons+ Damage: 20,000 Feats: Lift Small Islands, Throw Mountains, Toss Boulders to the Moon from Earth
Beyond X3 Weight: Quadrillion Tons+ Damage: 30,000 Feats: Lift Large Islands, Throw Small Islands, Turn Coal into Diamonds By Hand
Beyond X4 Weight: Quintillion Tons+ Damage: 40,000 Feats: Lift Continents, Throw Large Islands, Trigger Nuclear Explosions By Hand
Beyond X5 Weight: Sextillion - Septillion Tons+ Damage: 50,000 Feats: Move Planets, Throw Mountains from the Earth to the Sun
Beyond X6 Weight: Octillion Tons+ Damage: 60,000 Feats: Destroy Planets, Move Stars, Contain Miniature Black Holes

Like with any other lower Rank a character with a Strength of Class 9500 and at least one Rank in a Strength-based Power can, on a successful Red FEAT roll (roughly DC 25), get a +1 Column Shift to Strength per action, only in this case reaching into the Beyond. Simply assign a number to each of the potential Ranks in Beyond and roll a 1D6 to see what Strength Rank they get in the Beyond for that action. A D20 could work too (1-3 = X1, 4-6 = X2, 7-9 = X3 10-12= X4 13-15 = X5 16-18 = X6), with rolls of 19 or 20 allowing for a reroll with a +1 or +2 bonus respectively.

Alternatively, a character with Strength of Class 9500 (Or even Class 1000-9000, if the GM is feeling generous, though at a progressively higher suggested cost the further one gets from Class 9500) and at least one Rank in a Strength-based Power might be able to temporarily reach into the Beyond for a longer period by spending Karma/Hero Points. This first requires a Strength Check with a DC of 40 or a Red FEAT roll with a -4CS penalty to even allow for the possibility before paying the Karma/Hero points to make it happen. Then roll to see what Rank he or she obtains in the Beyond for the entire encounter, provided the encounter doesn't last longer than 24 hours (10-100 turns maximum suggested normally).

Some characters; such as say Anti-Monitor, Superman Prime, Silver Age Superman, FC Darkseid, or Infinity Gauntlet Thanos, might actually live in the Beyond but would still have to roll to determine all their Abillity and Power levels for any given encounter, just to keep it interesting. Things tend to fluctuate a lot in the Beyond dimension and even the most powerful Entity can be outmatched by a normally weaker but lucky or blessed opponent.

For some practical examples of how all this might work go on to Part Four

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