It's Beyond 9000! Part 4

The Bane/Batman Dilemma: If it rubs you the wrong way that in the Strength Benchmarks on the previous page Bane seems too strong in comparison to his oft times nemesis Batman there is a solution.

First, treat Bane (Without Venom) as if he has no Ranks in either Enhanced Strength or Super-Strength or any other Strength-based Power. Even if your version of Bane does have said Power(s) normally it or they could be temporarily nullified by the lack of Venom or for some other reason. This would have the effect of limiting his Maximum Press/Damage to 3 tons plus his body weight (400 lbs) or 6,400 lbs with an inanimate Damage/Grapple Check Bonus of Remarkable (26) + 1/100 of his body weight in lbs, rounded up to 4 for a total of 30, all provided he made a successful Red FEAT roll.

Since Batman has no Ranks in Enhanced Strength or Super-Strength or any other Power due to him being a non-Powered Superhero, normally the highest his Maximum Press/Damage Bonus could be is 1000 lbs plus his body weight of 210 lbs or 1,210 lbs with an inanimate Damage/Grapple Check Bonus of Excellent (16) + 1/100 of his body weight in lbs, rounded up to 3 for a total of 19 on a successful Red FEAT roll. This might put him at a serious disadvantage when squaring off against Bane even though Strength is not always the most important factor in a fight.

The Solution? A Special Feat called Exceptional Willpower available only to non-Powered individuals such as Batman who have a high enough Will score. This feat would require the spending of 1 Hero Point and would allow Batman to make a single Strength FEAT roll as if he did have a rank in Enhanced Strength. Thus instead of being limited to a Maximum Press/Damage of 1,210 lbs and 19, the numbers on a successful Red FEAT roll would be; 6,210 lbs and 29 respectively, almost putting him on par with Bane, for the moment anyway.

Note that while in the above Strength Benchmark table Captain America and Batman are listed with the same Strength, since Cap would almost certainly have a rank in either Enhanced Strength or Super-Strength, he would in fact be much stronger than the Caped-Crusader, especially with even 1 rank of Super-Strength.

For Example: 1 Rank of Super-Strength would allow Cap to have a Maximum Press/Damage score of 1,500 lbs (SS bonus) + his normal body weight of 240 lbs + the normal load for Excellent Strength of 1,000 lbs for a total of 2,740 lbs with an Inanimate Damage/Grapple Bonus of 19 on a Yellow FEAT roll compared to Batman's maximum limit of 1,210 lbs and 19 Damage Bonus on a successful Red FEAT roll.

Likewise: 1 Rank of Enhanced Strength (Or another Strength-based Power such as Power-lifting, Rage, or Berserker, etc.) would enable the Captain to make a Red FEAT roll which if successful would enable him to increase his Maximum Press/Damage to 6,240 and 29 Damage/Grapple Bonus with no need to use a Feat or consume a Hero Point.

These modified rules attempt to take into account the effect of natural body weight on Strength by giving those who have a weight advantage both a higher Lift/Carry (+body weight) and Damage Bonus increase (+1/100 of body weight in lbs, rounded up). This is meant to only apply on Yellow or Red FEAT roll results to simulate someone really having to work at putting their full weight into a punch or the like. For a D20 systems this could equate to a natural roll of 14 and higher for Yellow FEATS and a natural roll of 18 and higher for Red FEAT rolls. Or you could make Yellow FEAT rolls equivalent to a DC of 20 and Red Feat Rolls to DC 25. Hero Points could be spent to influence the outcome of these rolls if the GM allows.

Characters can lift any weight that is 1 Column Shift below their listed Strength limit on a Green FEAT roll which in D20 could be any natural roll of 10 or higher or DC 15. Weights of 2 Column Shifts lower than their listed Strength limit or less would be considered an automatic success for a character attempting to lift them.

Lastly, the character's body weight ceases to be much of a factor (unless he or she weighs a Ton or more) after Remarkable (26) Strength or anything more than 4 Ranks in Super-Strength, so for Incredible (36) Strength or 5 ranks of Super-Strength it can be dropped from the math for the purposes of lifting or even damage and not matter in all but the most extreme cases. Of course characters that do weigh more than a Ton can continue using their massive weight to their advantage even at high levels of Strength but they would face serious drawbacks in most environments as they'd always run the risk of breaking things, falling through floors, sinking into the ground, and so on.

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