Strength/Damage Benchmarks

The benchmarks below detail the guides to determine a character's current strength rating. This is also the damage rating for attacks of various kinds.

M&M Rank Rank Details Old Marvel Hero Samples
25 800,000 Tons - cell-content
24 400,000 Tons - cell-content
23 200,000 Tons - Superman (Lifting), Captain Marvel (Lifting), Black Adam (Lifting)
22 100,000 Tons - Wonder Woman (Lifting)
21 50,000 Tons - cell-content
20 25,000 Tons - Martian Manhunter (Lifting)
19 12,000 Tons - Superman, Captain Marvel, Black Adam
18 6400 Tons Shift Z Darkseid, Solomon Grundy
17 3200 Tons Shift Y cell-content
16 1600 Tons Shift-X Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Luthor Battlesuit, Red Hulk, Nova
15 800 Tons, Class 100, Excess of 100 tons Unearthly Thor, Wonder Man, Juggernaut, Beta Ray Bill, Captain Atom
14 400 Tons, Class 100, Can lift 100 Tons Routine Unearthly Sub-mariner (Water), Iron Man, Count Nefaria, Abomination, She Hulk, Red She Hulk
13 200 Tons, Class 100, Can Lift 100 Tons Optimally Unearthly Brainiac, Captain Britain, Griffin, Hulk (Calm), A-Bomb, Colossus, Titania
12 100 Tons, Class 75 Monstrous Ares, Ms. Marvel, Ironclad, Ronan the Accuser, Tiger Shark, Rhino, Rockslide, Doc Samson, Sub-mariner (Surface)
11 50 Tons, Class 50 Amazing Annihilus, Attuma, Loki, Wrecker, Sabra, Blastaar,
10 25 Tons, Class 25 Incredible Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Ursa Major, Enchantress
9 12 Tons, Class 10 Incredible Spiderman, Tigra, US Agent, Wrecking Crew, Ghost Rider, Green Goblin, Deathlok, Man Ape
8 6 Tons Incredible Black Manta, Kang, Adam Warlock, Spiderwoman
7 3 Tons Remarkable Cheetah, Kraven, Dr. Doom, Anaconda, Deadpool, Dracula,
6 3200 lbs. Remarkable Gorilla Grodd, Paladin, Toad, Black Bolt, Blade, Hannibal King, Morbius, Werewolf by Night,
5 1600 lbs. Remarkable Captain America, extreme peak human
4 800 lbs. Excellent Batman, Vandal Savage, Black Widow, Hellstorm, peak human
3 400 lbs. Excellent Nightwing, Moon Knight, Daredevil, intensive exercise
2 200 lbs. Good Black Canary, Robin, regular exercise
1 100 lbs. Good semi-regular exercise
0 50 lbs. Typical normal person

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I (GhostwheelX) recently made an attempt make a set of rules to allow for conversion between M&M and the old Marvel RPG which can be found here. It includes a table which steals blatantly from this one with my own spin and additions that can be found in Part Three if you are interested. Basically I tried to update and universalize things. Thanks for the inspiration of all the awesome work done here.

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