In the aftermath of the Phoenix War, Thunderbolt Ross aka the Red Hulk, assembled a strike-team with a composition very close to Code Red, including himself, The Punisher, Deadpool, Elektra and Venom. He gathered those anti-heroes in order to fight an infection which "cannot be cured, it has to be cut out".

The team is ready to do the bad things for the good purpose, in the same scheme as Wolverine's X-Force.

Member ~Position
Thadeus Ross Commander
Samuel Sterns TBD
Elektra Natchios TBD
Eugene Thompson TBD
Farnk Castle TBD
Wade Wilson TBD

Current Team:
The Thunderbolts (Strike Team)

Team Variations:
The Original Thunderbolts
The New Thunderbolts
The Thunderbolt Army
Post-Civil War Thunderbolts
Thunderbolts (Dark Reign)
The Thunderbolts (Post-Siege)


Red Hulk has obtained Samuel Sterns' body and hooks it up to a machine that emits Red Gamma Radiation onto Samuel Sterns. Deadpool later finds Samuel Sterns' as a Red Leader with no apparent powers as he expresses his view that the Punisher won't be pleased. Punisher finds Red Leader's body and shoots him between the eyes disrupting whatever plans Red Hulk has for Red Leader.

Red Hulk brings the Thunderbolts along to deal with gamma technology on the island of Kata Jaya where the technology was supplied by Madman. During the fight against Madman, Red Hulk took the Leader to a pipe line that feeds Gamma energy to Madman's lab. Red Hulk then absorbed the energy himself and then forced fed it to the Leader, bringing him back to life.



Specialty Equipment



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